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A Puzzle Game
Champion: eadan     Highscore: 3645   

Ztar 3 Time
Collect stars by forcing them to the bottom of the board.
Champion: ahapril     Highscore: 455   

Speedy Bubbles
See The game
Champion: ahapril     Highscore: 600   

Help Spheracles control the falling marble spheres, get 3 in a row for bonus points and look out for the Power Spheres to boost your score.
Champion: ahapril     Highscore: 116520   

Baby Pacman
Champion: yuya     Highscore: 1390   

Use all the cards in the deck to build up four piles of cards in ascending order, beginning with the aces.
Champion: angiejillhml     Highscore: 985   

Jackpot Bars
How much can you win with 25.00
Champion: angiejillhml     Highscore: 25   

Alchemy II
Use your magic Runes to transmute the board from lead to gold!
Champion: angiejillhml     Highscore: 1368   

Mah Jong Connect
Mah Jong Connect Puzzle Board
Champion: angiejillhml     Highscore: 1405   

Memory 2
Try to match all the cards in as few tries as possible.
Champion: angiejillhml     Highscore: 200   

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