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Mahjong puzzle game again?
Champion: Amans     Highscore: 14280   

Swap gems to match sets of 3 in this classic puzzle game.
Champion: helenmouse     Highscore: 19805   

Metro Match
Match pairs of identical images before your time runs out!
Champion: angiejillhml     Highscore: 4415   

Klondike Solitaire
Champion: angiejillhml     Highscore: 63400   

Shoot the bad guys!
dont die! pretty simple
Champion: andreios     Highscore: 10450   

Manic Miner
Miner Willy in his first game.
Champion: kingliza     Highscore: 200   

Gold Miner
Use Your Claw And Reel To Mine Gold Ans Other Treasures From The Earth
Champion: linda     Highscore: 20463   

Pyramid Solitaire
Champion: angiejillhml     Highscore: 1105   

Ice Age Part 4 - Ptero Glide
Help the Ptero go as far as he can!
Champion: Den_Kopf_in_den_Wolken     Highscore: 2230.7   

Fruchtiges Spiel und saftiges Puzzle.
Champion: Dido     Highscore: 9300   

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