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super ready here 
138 Days Ago
with gifts, no 
139 Days Ago
Are you ready? 
139 Days Ago
no costume but i got drunk does it count haha
170 Days Ago
no costume
181 Days Ago
What's your Halloween costume this year?
181 Days Ago
Is this for New York? :)
191 Days Ago
I'd up for some fun. Get in touch with ideas and locations.....
193 Days Ago
If you must, pick me.
194 Days Ago
Who like football here?
194 Days Ago
at your service :)
194 Days Ago
Penpals, where are you? Ok... emailpals, too? 
258 Days Ago
272 Days Ago
my first date?)
282 Days Ago
What is your scariest moment in life?
285 Days Ago
Barack Obama Jokes
286 Days Ago
One example - for German - that I could find (with subtitles):  
287 Days Ago
National Sense of Humour - I believe it exists and because it is tough to get the correct meaning if you don't speak th
287 Days Ago
What is this? Why any one could be offended? Then it can be offence if you mingle healthy people with disabled people, in thi
288 Days Ago
Yes, of course. :) You can always check Grapevine at your Account page (just find Account on the top menu), where it shows al
291 Days Ago