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Люблю быть первой во всём.
133 Days Ago
Hobbies and interests: I like playing tennis and volleyball very much. Also I like rapid d
147 Days Ago
friends can always help me from depression
301 Days Ago
long sleep help me
316 Days Ago
I'm lonely u may write me pls
317 Days Ago
been looking for penpal myself
318 Days Ago
318 Days Ago
The Fifth Element or Planet of the Apes
415 Days Ago
432 Days Ago
Your best sci-fi movie ever?
439 Days Ago
I go shopping
444 Days Ago
I pray
446 Days Ago
sports, activity, sleep, s** ... works 4 me :)
468 Days Ago
I'd love to know too
470 Days Ago
How do you cope with depression?
471 Days Ago
super ready here 
631 Days Ago
with gifts, no 
632 Days Ago
Are you ready? 
632 Days Ago
no costume but i got drunk does it count haha
663 Days Ago
no costume
673 Days Ago