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1. Angie. Our member:

Ilkdom can be a voice for the ill and disabled. We should encourage not only more to join, but also to express their thoughts, feelings and aspirations on issues which affect them. They should be made to feel their opinions matter and they can make a positive contribution to society. (Where you can find the quote)

2. Ilkdom. Raison d'être.

Why we created Ilkdom?

- because of you - and for you - those, who were hit hard by life, some even since the very birth

- because of you, whose life was totally transformed through some accident in a matter of seconds, erasing your previous normal life and making you to face the harsh reality of being disabled, either without a limb or eyesight or ability to hear, the abilities so normal for the healthy people

- because of you, who were diagnosed with the illnesses that are more terrible to every human than any nuclear weapon can ever be for the whole mankind

All of you have to learn to fight and more importantly, to live. Furthermore, you are alone in all of this with the exception of those who are close to you, those who love you and those who help you to carry your burden (if you are lucky of course and have such people around you).

Healthy people do not know what your life is like at all and how many troubles you have to tackle with in order to live in some degree of dignity in the face of the pains and trials of fate.

Thus, just like in modern corporate world, when the whole industries merge and take over one another thanks to the globalization, to become stronger and more resistant, it is also the case of Ilkdom creating such global place for all those, who need it the most from the human population.

3. Ilkdom. Mission statement.

We are going to be those wings that will carry you from the ground where only pain, fear, depression and loneliness reign to the virtual skies above where you will be able to meet people like you. You’ll be able to speak with them, exchange your own experience, help each other with advice and tips, or at least with the words of encouragement. In the end, who else would be able to understand the same suffering, struggling, or grieving friends than you?

Ilkdom is preparing a rich menu for you – various competitions, where the prizes to win are going to be the most needed items for the people like you. But most importantly, we will be trying to show you all that you are not alone in this world, that the burden of your worries and problems can be overcome or at least shared.

We want to be the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel for you, in order to make your souls to find a goal worth fighting for.

Please, help to spread a word among your friends about Ilkdom because the more we grow in size the better help we will be able provide to you.

4. Our admins and moderators.

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